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What is Featured Product in WooCommerce?


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What is Featured Product in WooCommerce?

What is Featured Product in WooCommerce?

June 24, 2024

By, Editorial Team


Running a successful online store involves showcasing your best offerings. But with a vast product catalog, how do you grab your customers’ attention and steer them toward the hidden gems? WooCommerce’s “featured products” functionality comes to the rescue! Trusted by WordPress experts for its ease of use and effectiveness, this feature allows you to strategically highlight specific products on your website, boosting sales and customer engagement.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll step into the world of WooCommerce featured products. We’ll answer all your burning questions, from understanding the concept to setting up and displaying these highlighted products in your online store. By the end, you’ll be a master at wielding this powerful tool to showcase your top offerings and skyrocket your eCommerce sales.

In WooCommerce, the “Featured Product” designation allows store owners to strategically highlight specific items within their online store. This essentially creates a curated selection of products, separate from the main catalog. These highlighted products are then displayed in designated areas on your website, grabbing customer attention and promoting specific items you want to push.
  • Increased Sales: By showcasing your best-selling products, new arrivals, or discounted items, you can directly influence customer purchasing decisions and drive sales.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: featured products pique customer curiosity and encourage them to explore these highlighted offerings, potentially leading to additional sales.
  • Improved Store Navigation: featured products can act as a guide for customers, directing them towards specific product categories or promotions, streamlining their shopping experience.

Hence, WooCommerce’s featured products functionality helps you to take control of your store’s presentation. By strategically highlighting specific items, you can improve your online store’s overall effectiveness, leading to increased sales, customer engagement, and a more streamlined shopping experience.

WooCommerce’s featured products offer a versatile tool for online store owners, allowing them to strategically target specific customer segments and promote desired actions. Here are some key uses:

  • Promote Best-Selling Products: Highlight your top-selling items to encourage customers to choose popular options and boost overall sales.
  • Showcase New Arrivals: Generate excitement for your latest offerings by featuring new products prominently on your store.
  • Push Discounted Items: Increase sales of specific products by featuring them during promotions and sales events.
  • Highlight Seasonal Products: Capitalize on seasonal trends by showcasing products relevant to the current time of year.
  • Create Curated Collections: Develop thematic collections of products based on specific interests or demographics to cater to a wider audience.
  • Drive Traffic to Specific Pages: Use featured products to link to specific product categories or landing pages, guiding customers towards desired areas of your store.

With these diverse applications, WooCommerce’s featured products become a powerful tool for strategic product placement and targeted marketing within your online store.

However, for complex customizations or integrating featured products into unique website layouts, consider hiring WordPress developers. Their expertise can help you unlock the full potential of this feature and tailor it to your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and impactful customer experience.


Making a product “Featured” in WooCommerce is a straightforward process. Here’s how to achieve it:

  1. Locate the Product: Navigate to the WooCommerce product management section in your WordPress dashboard. You’ll find a list of all your store’s products.
  2. Identify the Product: Find the product you want to designate as “Featured” within the product list.
  3. Enable the Feature: Locate the “Product Data” section on the product editing page. Look for the “Catalog visibility” option and expand it. You’ll see a checkbox labeled “This is a featured product.” Simply tick this checkbox to activate the “Featured” designation for your chosen product.
  4. Save Changes: Once you’ve checked the “This is a featured product” box, don’t forget to click the “Update” button to save your changes and make the product officially “Featured.”

By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily designate any product in your WooCommerce store as “Featured.” This enables you to showcase your most valuable offerings and strategically influence customer behavior within your online store.

WooCommerce offers a convenient way to highlight your star products and grab customer attention. These featured products can be displayed in various locations on your website, enticing visitors to explore your offerings. Let’s dive into the different methods for showcasing your featured products and maximizing their impact.

Method 1: Product Featured Widget

WooCommerce provides a built-in “Featured Products” widget for displaying your highlighted products on your store’s front-end. Here’s how to leverage this widget to showcase your featured products with their respective images:

Steps to Set WooCommerce Featured Products Widget:

  1. Access Widgets: Navigate to the “Appearance” section in your WordPress dashboard and then click on “Widgets.” This will display a list of available widgets you can use on your website.
  2. Locate the Widget: Find the “WooCommerce Featured Products” widget within the list.
  3. Drag & Drop Placement: Drag and drop the “WooCommerce Featured Products” widget to your desired sidebar location or any designated widget area on your theme.
  4. Configure Settings: Click on the widget to access its settings. Here, you can customize various aspects of the display, including the number of products to show, title, and product order.
  5. Save and Preview: Once you’ve configured the settings to your liking, click the “Save” button. You can then preview your website to see how the Featured Products widget displays your highlighted products and their images.

This method offers a quick and easy solution for showcasing featured products with their images on your WooCommerce store. However, for more advanced customization options, you might explore the following methods.

Method 2: WooCommerce Featured Products Shortcode

WooCommerce offers a powerful shortcode system that allows you to display various product-related content on your store’s pages and posts. This includes a specific shortcode for showcasing your Featured Products.

Steps to Create WooCommerce Featured Products Shortcode:

  1. Construct the Shortcode: The core structure of the shortcode for displaying featured products is: [products visibility=”featured”]
  2. limit=”number”: This attribute specifies the number of featured products you want to display. For example, limit=”4″ will show the four most recent featured products.
  3. columns=”number”: This attribute controls how many products are displayed per row. For instance, columns=”2″ will showcase two products side-by-side in each row.

Example Shortcode: Here’s an example shortcode that displays four featured products in a two-column layout: [products limit=”4″ columns=”2″ visibility=”featured”]

  • Placement: Copy and paste the constructed shortcode into any post, page, or widget area that supports shortcodes on your WordPress website. Once you publish or update the content, the shortcode will render and display your featured products on your store’s front-end.

This shortcode method offers a versatile and customizable approach for showcasing your featured products within your WooCommerce store’s content.

Method 3: WP_Query

For more granular control over displaying featured products, you can leverage the power of WP_Query within your theme’s template files. This method offers greater flexibility compared to shortcodes.

Steps to Display Featured Products with WP_Query:

  1. Access Theme Files: Locate the theme template file where you want to display the featured products. This could be your homepage template, product archive page, or any custom template you’ve created.
  2. Utilize WP_Query: Within your theme file, use the WP_Query arguments to retrieve and display featured products. Here’s an example code snippet:

$featured_query = new WP_Query( array(

  ‘post_type’ => ‘product’,

  ‘tax_query’ => array(


      ‘taxonomy’ => ‘product_visibility’,

      ‘field’ => ‘name’,

      ‘terms’ => ‘featured’,



  ‘posts_per_page’ => 4, // Adjust as needed

) );


if ( $featured_query->have_posts() ) :

  while ( $featured_query->have_posts() ) : $featured_query->the_post();

    // Display product information and image using WooCommerce template functions

    wc_get_template_part( ‘content’, ‘product’ );




While WP_Query offers advanced control, it requires some familiarity with PHP and theme development. If you’re not comfortable with code, consider using the Shortcode method (Method 2) or consult a WordPress developer for assistance.

Need Help Handling Your WooCommerce Store?

A featured product in WooCommerce is an item designated by the store owner to be highlighted on the website. These highlighted products are separate from the main catalog and displayed in specific areas to grab customer attention and promote specific offerings.

There are two ways to change featured products:

  • Through the Product Edit Page: Navigate to the product you want to modify in the WooCommerce product management section. Locate the "Product Data" section and expand "Catalog visibility." Check or uncheck the "This is a featured product" box to activate or deactivate the "Featured" designation.
  • Using Bulk Actions: For editing multiple products at once, go to the "Products" section in your WooCommerce dashboard. Select the products you want to change, choose "Edit" from the bulk actions dropdown menu, and tick or untick the "Featured" checkbox to apply the change to all selected products.

There are several methods to display featured products on your homepage:

  • Theme's Built-in Features: Many themes offer functionalities to showcase featured products. Check your theme's documentation for specific instructions.
  • Shortcodes: Utilize the [products visibility="featured"] shortcode within a homepage widget area or directly in your theme's template file.
  • WP_Query: For advanced customization, leverage WP_Query arguments within your theme's template file to target and display featured products on the homepage.

The order of featured products typically depends on the method used to display them. Here's a breakdown:

  • Shortcode: The orderby attribute within the shortcode allows you to specify the order (e.g., orderby="date" for newest featured first).
  • WP_Query: Utilize the orderby argument within your WP_Query code to define the sorting criteria (e.g., orderby="date" or orderby="menu_order").
  • Theme's Functionality: Some themes might offer built-in options to control the order of featured products displayed through their functionalities.

While there's no direct option for random display, you can achieve a randomized effect using WP_Query:

Use the orderby argument set to rand within your WP_Query code (e.g., orderby="rand"). This will sort featured products randomly each time the page loads.


By using featured products in your WooCommerce store, you’ve unlocked a valuable tool for strategic product placement and targeted marketing. You can now showcase your best offerings, highlight new arrivals, and influence customer behavior to drive sales and enhance your online store’s overall effectiveness.

Remember, the methods explored in this guide provide a solid foundation for utilizing Featured Products. However, the possibilities are vast! Experiment with different display methods, explore customization options and tailor your featured product strategy.

Keen to take your WooCommerce featured products to sell best? Let our WooCommerce experts help you unlock their full potential! Our team can assist with advanced customization, theme integration, and strategic implementation to ensure your Featured Products truly shine and drive exceptional results for your online store.


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