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At AssaptR, we understand the pivotal role talent plays in driving digital transformation. Whether you’re looking to enhance your web presence through WordPress development or amplify your online reach with expert digital marketing services, we’ve got you covered.

Our dedicated team excels in crafting tailored, user-friendly websites powered by cutting-edge custom WordPress development, while our skilled digital marketers are all set to optimize your online visibility and connect you with a broader audience.

To unlock the full potential of your digital transformation journey, explore our comprehensive digital marketing services.

Our Talent Pool for Web Development and Marketing



Ideal for tackling specific marketing challenges or goals. We work collaboratively with you to define success metrics and develop a customized project plan. This program is perfect for short-term work scope.


Get ongoing support and consistent results with our retainer program. We become an extension of your marketing team, providing dedicated resources and expertise to manage your day-to-day marketing requirements.


This is our most comprehensive partnership option. We assign experts to your account, providing in-depth strategy development and ongoing optimization. This model is ideal for one requiring a high level of leadership.
Why Choose AssaptR

Why Ch0ose us

Through meticulous planning, expert execution, and a passion for innovation, we deliver nothing short of exceptional results. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
We maintain transparency, keeping you informed about milestones, challenges, and achievements

  Integrity       Innovation       Customer-Centric
We pay attention to every detail and strive to surpass industry standards, consistently raising the bar for quality.

  Global Impact      Management       Sustainbility
Our well-organized project management ensures that we deliver on time without compromising quality.

  Creativity       Empowerment       Diversity



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Maple Trade Centre, Memnagar,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380052

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FAQs ABOUT Hiring Talent

While AssaptR may be a newer company, our team brings over a decade of combined experience managing complex IT projects for organizations similar to yours. Even in our first year, AssaptR has already supported over 50 businesses with their technology needs. Our specialized expertise speaks directly to the capabilities and reliability we provide as a partner. Even as a young company, our team's depth of experience means AssaptR has already worked through the early growing pains that newly launched IT providers often face. When you partner with AssaptR, you get seasoned experts who can be trusted to handle your most critical technology needs.
At Assaptr, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to fully support all aspects of your website and digital presence. Our core offerings include:
  • WordPress Website Development - We build and customize dynamic WordPress sites optimized for performance, security, SEO, and user experience.
  • CMS Development - We develop custom content management systems tailored to your specific business needs and workflows.
  • Plugin Development - Our developers create specialized WordPress plugins to add unique features, integrations and functionality to your site.
  • eCommerce Website Development - We build secure, scalable online stores for your products with popular eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce.
  • UI/UX Design - Our design team crafts modern, intuitive user interfaces for seamless site navigation across devices.
  • Website Maintenance - We provide ongoing support to keep your site updated, backed up, and running smoothly.
  • Managed Hosting - We offer managed hosting on our optimized servers to improve site speed and uptime.
  • Ongoing Support - Our helpdesk is available to quickly resolve any website issues that arise to keep you online.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - We implement proven SEO strategies to boost your organic rankings and visibility.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) - Our PPC advertising delivers targeted traffic to your site from sources like Google Ads.
  • Social Media Management - We handle your social media presence across platforms to engage followers and promote your brand.
No matter your digital needs, our skilled team has the capabilities and experience to deliver customized solutions that drive real business results.
At Assaptr, we understand how crippling website and technical issues can be for a business. That's why we have a highly responsive support team ready to swiftly address any issues 24/7. Our technicians are available around the clock via live chat, email and phone. We guarantee a first response time of 30 minutes or less for support requests, day or night. By combining ongoing monitoring with fast live support, we work to identify and resolve the majority of problems before they ever affect your site's performance or uptime. In the rare case of an emergency or outage, our team immediately mobilizes to diagnose the issue and get your site restored. We keep clients continuously updated throughout the process. Our average time to restore service is under 2 hours thanks to redundant systems and comprehensive issue escalation procedures. We also document each incident thoroughly for full transparency into what occurred. Our detailed reports outline the cause, actions taken, and steps implemented to prevent future occurrences. Ensuring minimal downtime and quick resolution of issues is our top priority.
At Assaptr, our team has extensive experience partnering with organizations across a diverse range of industries to meet their unique technology and digital marketing needs. Some of the key sectors we serve include:
  • Retail & eCommerce - We have worked with dozens of online and brick-and-mortar retailers to improve their ecommerce sites, digital operations and customer experience.
  • Healthcare - We understand the special security, compliance and workflow needs of healthcare, working with clinics, hospitals, insurance providers and telehealth platforms.
  • Financial Services - Banks, accounting firms, fintech startups and other financial companies rely on our expertise to keep sensitive data protected.
  • SaaS - We enable B2B SaaS companies to seamlessly integrate systems, capture leads and demonstrate product value on their sites.
  • Nonprofits - Charities, foundations and social enterprises partner with us for affordable solutions tailored to their missions.
  • Restaurants - We build seamless online ordering systems, digital menus and mobile apps to streamline operations.
  • Manufacturing & Industrial - Manufacturers trust us to unify sales channels and highlight their capabilities to business buyers.
No matter your specific industry, our diverse client portfolio equips us to understand your IT landscape and business objectives to deliver impactful solutions.
At Assaptr, we believe fully transparent pricing is key to building trust with clients. Our pricing structure is straightforward with no hidden fees. For managed IT services like helpdesk support, monitoring and maintenance, we offer flat-rate monthly billing. All services and service levels are clearly defined, so you know exactly what is included for the set fee each month. This allows you to accurately budget for IT. For project-based work like deploying new systems, website development or migrations, we provide a detailed written estimate upfront outlining projected costs and timing before starting. If any new requirements emerge mid-project that would alter the initial estimate, we obtain approval before proceeding. For ad-hoc or time and materials services, our rate sheet clearly defines what is charged by the hour for different roles like helpdesk techs vs senior engineers. You only pay for the specific hours and resources utilized. Itemized monthly invoices break down all charges so you can validate you are only paying for work performed. We also perform periodic reviews of service levels and technology needs with clients to identify potential cost optimization. Finally, our price tries to provide a reasonable value that represents the quality of service and expertise we deliver. Please contact us if you have any questions about our price system.
Absolutely! We are happy to connect potential clients with current customers to hear firsthand how Assaptr has been a trusted technology partner for their organizations. Many of our clients have agreed to serve as references - we can provide their contact information so you can reach out directly about their experiences working with us. They can speak to our responsiveness, technical capabilities, business understanding, communication style and other aspects important for selecting a service provider. We typically share 3-5 relevant client references who are in similar industries and have comparable business needs to yours. This allows you to hear from other organizations with use cases most applicable to your own. Let us know if any particular types of clients or references would be most helpful for your decision process. Our goal is to enable open conversations that give you the insights needed to feel 100% confident choosing Assaptr as your IT services partner. We are dedicated to winning your business by showcasing our track record of providing excellent service and value. Please do not hesitate to ask any additional questions; we appreciate the opportunity to gain your trust.
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