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Dr. Sarfaraz Niazi


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Dr. Sarfaraz Niazi is a leading expert in biopharmaceutical sciences. He’s known for coining the term “biosimilar” and establishing the first biosimilars company in the US, making affordable medications more accessible. Dr. Niazi is also a prolific author, with over 60 books on scientific and literary topics.

He holds adjunct faculty positions at the University of Illinois and the University of Houston and continues to contribute to scientific advancement through research and writing. His innovations extend beyond medicine, with work on developing lab-grown meat for a more sustainable future.

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Business Challenges

The digital landscape for scientific communication is constantly changing. The website needs to stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest tools and strategies to effectively reach Dr. Niazi’s audience.

WordPress Customization for Scientific Content

A standard WordPress theme might not be suitable to present this information effectively. The challenge lies in customizing WordPress to create a user experience that is visually appealing and informative.

Engaging a Scientific Audience

The website could benefit from custom functionalities like searchable databases of Dr. Niazi's publications, interactive elements to explain scientific processes, and user engagement.

Integrating with External Platforms

Dr. Niazi had an established presence on other platforms on academic databases. The website should seamlessly integrate with these external platforms to provide a unified online experience.

Scalability and Future Growth

Dr. Niazi's audience and online presence grows, the website needs to be able to scale effectively. The challenge lies in choosing the right WordPress architecture and plugins that can handle increased traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While SEO is crucial for any website, Dr. Niazi's website presents a unique challenge. The target audience might be searching for specific scientific terms or concepts.

Mobile-Friendliness and Accessibility

In today's digital world, a significant portion of website traffic comes from mobile devices. The WordPress development must ensure the website is fully responsive and optimized for mobile viewing.

Our Actionable Solutions, Tangible Results

Cut through the noise online. We craft a custom WordPress site that showcases Dr. Niazi’s expertise & ignites audience engagement. Expect tangible results: increased brand awareness, targeted leads, and a solidified position as a biopharmaceutical leader.

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We seamlessly bridge the gap between stunning Figma designs and user-friendly WordPress experiences.





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